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If you’ve spent any amount of time researching eCommerce tools, you’ve probably noticed the majority of the topics people talk about focus on two things: improving conversion rates and boosting mailing list subscribers.

Granted, these two topics are important for helping companies secure their long-term success, but there’s more to eCommerce than conversions and mailing lists. And one of the areas which we should be talking more about is security, which is something many eCommerce start-ups neglect completely.

Even Small Businesses Need Cybersecurity

Far too many people make the mistake of assuming hackers only target big companies, like retail giants who have databases of customer information like names, email addresses, and credit card details.

But the truth is that hackers target everyone, including small eCommerce companies that are doing low-volume transactions and, in theory, shouldn’t be on anyone’s radar.

Still skeptical about the importance of security for your small eCommerce site? Consider the following statistics:

  • 43% of cyber attacks are directed at small businesses.
  • Less than 15% of small businesses surveyed admit they’re equipped to overcome the damage caused from data breaches and other cyber attacks.
  • A whopping 60% of small companies go out of business six months after experiencing a cyber attack.

types of info users are concerned about protecting from cyber attackers

You can optimize conversion rates and grow your email list all you want, but if you don’t secure your eCommerce site, you run the risk of losing your business.

The good news is that securing WordPress sites has never been easier thanks to a growing list of security plugins that help safeguard your company within a matter of minutes. Keep reading to see which companies made our list of best WordPress security plugins for 2019.

1. Sucuri

sucuri wordpress security plugin

Many small businesses consider Sucuri to be the best WordPress security plugin of 2019, and for good reason. The Sucuri WordPress plugin has everything you need to keep your site protected against malware, brute force attacks, DDoS, and any other security threats that arise.

What’s more, the flexible nature of Sucuri means that it’s able to meet the security needs of big and small businesses alike. The company offers three service packages depending on the needs of your business, as well as a fully customizable “Enterprise” solution for businesses that need additional security services.

But that’s just part of it. Sucuri also boosts WordPress sites by reducing page loading time and server load, making it easier for visitors to navigate your website, which can go a long way in reducing time-related bounce rates.

And just so you know, we’re so confident in Sucuri’s services that we trust our own site with them. 😎

2. Wordfence Security

wordfence security firewall plugin

Adding the Wordfence security plugin in your WordPress site gives you access to a comprehensive range of security tools that protect your site from:

  • Malicious web traffic, thanks to its Web Application Firewall (updated in real-time) and IP blacklist feature.
  • Malware integrated into plugins and themes.
  • Random security vulnerabilities that could arise from integrated eCommerce tools.

Wordfence also comes with WordPress login security plugin tools like two-factor authentication and remote authentication, so that your site is always protected against brute force hackers.

Overall, Wordfence is an excellent program that’s more than capable of safeguarding your data.

Its only real drawback is that Wordfence’s firewall still operates on your server, whereas platforms like Sucuri have cloud-based firewalls which require less maintenance on your end. Still, Wordfence is an excellent security alternative, which is why we recently mentioned it in our list of top 33 WordPress plugins for eCommerce.

3. All In One WP Security & Firewall

all-in-one wordpress security plugin

If you’re looking for a budget option, All In One WP Security & Firewall is hands-down the best free WordPress security plugin available for 2019.

When it comes to cyber-security, we’d never recommend cutting corners. Despite its budget price tag, All In One still manages to impress with features like:

  • Login Lockdown, which keeps your site protected against brute force attacks.
  • Force logout capabilities, which can be triggered over a set period of time.
  • The ability to blacklist specific IPs or IP ranges.
  • A security dashboard which displays import information, such as failed login attempts, account activity, and users online.

While it’s not the most secure option on the market, All In One does provide a comprehensive range of tools that boost website security and ensures your WordPress site runs smoothly.

4. Plugin Security Scanner

plugin security scanner

Plugin Security Scanner is a top-rated WordPress security scan plugin that keeps your website protected from vulnerabilities and malware. It does this by scanning WordPress plugins and themes for security risks like viruses, ransomware, and even 0-day exploits.

The plugin is connected to the WPScan database, a free (for non-commercial use) database managed by security experts that records all potential WordPress risks.

Moreover, Plugin Security Scanner is a free tool that brings an extra layer of protection to your WordPress site, especially when paired with some of the more comprehensive security plugins on this page. However, if you’re using this plugin for your eCommerce site, you’ll need to purchase a commercial license from WPScan, which you’ll have to arrange by emailing the address listed in their licensing document on their GitHub webpage.

If you’re looking for something just as easy to set up and already comes with a license, Security Ninja Pro offers similar services for $29 a year ($79 for multisite, $249 for lifetime subscription), with additional protection against brute force hackers.

The Takeaway

Protecting your website should be one of the first things on your agenda, as falling victim to a cyber attack can have a negative impact on your future earnings. By following the WordPress security tips in this article, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your site protected at all times.

That means you can spend more time focusing on the important things, like how to turn visitors into leads, then turn leads into paying customers. And since OptinMonster does the heavy lifting, running a successful eCommerce business has never been easier. What’s not to love about that?